Sunday, May 13, 2007

35 weeks pregnant sucks

There it is. 35 weeks pregnant sucks.

Here I am in front of the computer at 3:42 am, because, as usual at this time of night, I can't sleep. I'll probably be up for another hour. And then the Bean Girl will wake and come into our room at 6.

I've been up late these past few days, too, working on a contract writing assignment that unexpectedly came my way. So up till midnight several days in a row, including this past night. Two hour spurts of sleep before bladder/Edamame/general "ugh" uncomfortable heavy feeling wakes me up. Oh, wait--flashback--it's like being the mother of a newborn, isn't it? Aaagggh--why does Nature do this to us?

I've been swaying here in the dark, trying to rock the Edamame back to sleep so she stops kicking and digging her feet into my ribs!

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