Thursday, May 17, 2007

The end of another day....

Almost 36 weeks pregnant now. Woo hoo! Entering the last month, the home stretch, baby. Delivery at 37 weeks is considered full-term, and my ob is actually talking about inducing me around 38 or 39 because I had such a precipitous delivery with my first, and we want to avoid me giving birth on the highway or at home.

Sleep-deprived, but contemplative tonight. I left Husband cuddling Bean-girl to sleep; they look so precious curled together under her covers. By the end of the day I am typically exhausted; and yet bath time with the Bean is still one of my favorite times. I just sink down next to the tub and let my mind blank out as she happily swishes her bubbles about and makes up surreal stories starring her various bath toys. I let one hand trail in the water, luxuriating in its warmth as she herself is. Even when I'm tired and bored, she can catch me out of myself when she looks up at me with her laughing bright eyes. As she did tonight, as she laughed over a handful of bubbles.

I'm feeling a little bit better about myself... I made some nice money on my contract writing assignment. The previous writer had made a mess of things, and the company needed it corrected fast. Because they were desperate, they paid me a lot! It was only about 10 hours of work over four days, for a nice sum. Of course, fitting in 10 extra hours when you're caring for a toddler at home can be challenging! And my friend (and company contact) immediately got back to me saying that they loved my work, and had another assignment for me! Another rush job, tight deadline, lucratively paid. I turned it down because I didn't feel up to it this week, although I'm having minor regrets. But maybe science writing/editing really is what I should be doing? Maybe I can really make a go at it? Not just for now, as an occasional sideline while I raise the Bean Girls, but even afterwards? Anyway, the feedback I got was so positive that my confidence was really given a lift. Being laid off from my last job was a real confidence-dampener! Even though I know it was function of lack of grant money, not an indictment of my performance; and even though two other very good and smart post-docs were laid off that same year.

We're all adjusting well to the move, I think. Husband likes his job, and his colleagues are all great (as we knew after meeting them during his round of interviews). Grandma and Grandpa have been coming up every few weeks to visit. The Baby Bean and I are enrolled in one of the local "Mommy and Me" type classes. The weather is beautiful; we've found parks and plenty to do; and we've found a good dim sum place, a decent Asian grocery store, and a pretty good pho joint. And just this week we also found a good Thai restaurant and Japanese restaurant in our neighborhood. What more do we need? =)