Sunday, August 26, 2007

Odd conversations

My family and I are living in a midwestern town with a very homogenous population. That is, nearly everyone here is white. There are few faces of any color, and the Asian population is almost nil. This has made for some odd, if well-meaning, interactions between my family and others. (Oh yeah, my family and I are Asian).

Like the time I was strolling around the local mall with my girls. An older woman came up to us and peered at baby Legume. She made admiring noises, which I always like, then informed me that her daughter had just recently adopted a little girl from China. "You people make beautiful children," she told me. Uh, thanks? Better than our cheap plastic toys?

And yesterday my husband told me this story: His secretary was out to lunch, and a pharmaceutical sales rep infiltrated the office. She chatted him up, and noticed the pictures of Bean-girl on his desk. "Oh," she said, indicating the picture. "I'm getting one too. It's just taking a while, because China is clamping down on overseas adoptions."

Hmmm. I know they mean well, but it just comes off sounding rather odd. "I'm getting one, too"--like a purse or accessory ordered over the Internet.

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