Thursday, October 18, 2007

What she dreams of, what she says

Last night, while I lay next to the Bean-girl in her bed:

Bean: Mommy, what are you thinking?

Me: That I'm tired and want to go to sleep.

Bean: What do you dream of?

Me: Uhhhh... (too tired to think at this moment). I don't know. I often don't remember my dreams. Maybe I sometimes dream about my little daughters? What do you dream of?

Bean: I dream about drinking milk.


This afternoon, while up in her bedroom:

Bean: Where's my favorite fish toy?

Me : It's on the kitchen counter. I'll go get it.

Bean: I'm coming too!

Me: I'm coming right back with it, Bean-girl. You don't have to come, I'll be right back.

Bean: I want to come.

Me : (exasperated) Why do you always have to go where I'm going? Why do you always have
to follow?

Bean: Because I want to follow you and go wherever you are going THAT'S ALL and I want to be in your arms so I can be with you wherever you are going THAT'S ALL and so I can be in your arms THAT'S ALL!


ScienceMama said...

This is ADORABLE. Exasperating perhaps, but also adorable!

Rana said...

wow. are all children this beautiful? the bean does not even know just how special she is.