Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pictures for my friend

When I first started this blog, it was important for me to protect mine and my family's privacy. So I decided to blog anonymously, and not post photos. But two days ago, Sciencemama asked to see my beans, and I find that I am a shameless show-off. And anyway, Sciencemama, you're the only one (besides my sister, who doesn't comment regularly) who even reads this blog.

We've never met. We only just found each other's blogs. But I feel that we are friends. And I love showing off pictures of my girls to my friends.

Horsing around. (That's a toy giraffe the Bean-girl has)
Bean-girl as a witch on Halloween.
Sleeping Tootsie Roll on Halloween.


arduous said...

I read you all the time! I just don't comment. But ScienceMama can vouch for me. :)

Also your bean-girls are adorable.

ScienceMama said...

Yes, fear not. Arduous has been one of my close friends for over 15 years! (Check out her blog, btw, it's awesome!)

The beans are BEAUIFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing! It means a lot. And I'm a shameless showoff too! :)

The bean-mom said...


I just started reading your blog, too! I'm in awe of all your photos of shoes!
Thanks for reading mine. I love comments on the beans =) And of course, Sciencemama, you know I love your blog, and the rare pictures of *your* Bean!

Rana said...

the smiling rowan is SOOO cute. no teeth! i want to help dress them up for christmas. i have a new fashion idea. its a secret! but we'll take more costume pictures of the beans then. no more christmas in dowagiac. that's boring.

i just had my christmas, but it was a Baha'u'llah-mas. (the birth of baha'u'llah.) i wrote a new song and taught everyone to sing too. over a hundred people came. then today i spent visiting friends. we didn't have presents or birthday cake. but lots of prayer and joy. a real holy-day.

this blog is good. people like to read it. but they do not always comment. i already know this. i showed my friend, "this time is different". she was very touched and maybe she is reading this comment now. hi!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Your girls are super cute. You just can't beat little kids in Halloween costumes!

I just found your blog -- your profile is set to private so I didn't think you had a public blog. I'm interested in how life after science is treating you.