Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year holiday

The costs of flying our family out to Denver to spend time with my husband's family:

--4 extra hours stuck in the airport terminal, waiting out a winter storm

--An additional hour stuck on the tarmac, imprisoned in the plane's belly, waiting for the runways to clear

--An incessantly crying Baby Legume

--Sitting in front of an incessantly complaining woman. This woman complained visciously about her boyfriend's family to her boyfriend (until he asked her to please stop because "you're making me feel like shit." She did stop--but only momentarily). She then complained about having to visit her boyfriend's family in our dreadful Midwestern City. She complained about the Midwestern City. She complained about the airport, airplane, and the "demon children" crying on the airplane. Lady, I will take a whole planeload of shrieking demon children over your nasal bitching any day of the week.

--Once in Denver... dealing with the time change, a packed schedule, overstimulated and tired children, sleepless nights with a sleepless Baby Legume.

Watching the Bean-girl cavort happily with her cousins . . . priceless.

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