Monday, February 18, 2008

At least the dryer is fixed

Thank goodness the dryer was fixed last Friday. Because it has been working overtime ever since.

At some point in the night, too tired to play the "Let's-try-to-get-baby-to-sleep-in-her-own-crib" game, I usually bring Baby Legume into bed with my husband and I. On Friday night the co-sleeping went terribly wrong when she threw up what seemed like quarts of milk over everyone and everything. I changed the sheets, brought her back into bed . . . and she threw up again.

Then she kept throwing up the next morning. Interspersed with diarrhea. We were already catching up with the laundry load after days when the dryer had been out of commission. My husband estimates that he did 8 loads on Saturday. I changed my clothes 4 times. At one point, having peeled off baby-poo stained pants, I panicked that I had nothing to wear. "Don't worry," my husband said. "I'm on top of it. Laundry is now at a steady state." Steady state--clean laundry exiting the dryer at exactly the same rate as dirty laundry enters the cycle.

But throughout it all, Baby Legume was happy and smiley. She played and crawled as fiercely as ever. She did take an incredible 4-hour afternoon nap, but aside from that and the scary amounts of fluid expelled. . . she seemed pretty good.

My husband, however, is not.

My husband now has what the Baby Legume had. . . but worse.

The poor man really does look like death (barely) warmed over. His face is the color of chalk. He is lying in bed with the covers over his head, uttering the most pathetic little moans. At least his trips to the bathroom have slowed down, and he's hydrated himself with his homemade molasses-oral-rehydration fluid (made while his loving wife was at the grocery store, forgetting to buy the Gatorade she had promised). Husband is a pediatric infectious disease specialist (yes, that really is his title) and he's diagnosed both the Legume and himself with rotavirus. Baby Legume was actually vaccinated against rotavirus, which probably explains why she had a relatively easy time of it, and now seems completely back to normal. But there is no rotavirus vaccine for adults, and Husband is still sick. He canceled work today, which he has not done in the ten years that I have known him.

I am impressed that his body could keep expelling liquids, long after it seemed that it should have stopped.

Bean-girl is okay, and was packed off to preschool, away from the sick-house. I'm feeling okay, and hope I'll stay so, as I am an absolute baby at even the sniffles. The laundry machine is currently sanitizing all contaminated sheets, blankets, clothes--anything the Husband touched. We're in plague-containment mode here.

Since the baby made him sick in the first place, she's now cuddled against him in the bed, safely immune. Here's hoping the whole family is okay soon.

"Who, me?"
The disease vector


EcoGeoFemme said...

Oh my, that sounds awful! I hope you don't catch it too. It's just the worst when real little kids get tummy sick because they can't tell you when it's coming. yuck.

Hang in there.

TheMusingMommy said...

Ugh. My husband was sick with rotavirus last February. Not fun. Somehow I came through just fine, and so did Baby Girl, who was only 4 months old at the time.

Hope things get better real soon!

arduous said...

Oh no! That sounds terrible. So sorry you're going through this. Hope the Bean Dad feels better soon.

The bean-mom said...

The Bean-Dad is feeling better today, thanks!

And Arduous, I just saw the latest posting on your blog. I am so sorry... My god, that you can still comment and sympathize with my little household trials. Again, I am just so sorry.

ScienceMama said...

Oh My God that is the cutest disease vector I have ever seen!!!

I'm sorry about the rotavirus nightmare. This sounds like exactly what Husband, Bean and I all got last fall. It was terrible!