Wednesday, February 20, 2008


  • The GI-tract bug (rotavirus) appears to have run its course in the house.
  • A new respiratory bug is moving in.
  • Baby Legume's new found power of crawling appears to be accompanied by severe separation anxiety.


CAE said...

Hmm, maybe not the most fun of weeks in the Bean household? I hope you see some light at the end of the tunnel soon!

Mad Hatter said...

That rotavirus thing sounds very similar to what happened to my husband's family several years ago when we went to visit. Husband's cousin's daughter got it first, then it rapidly decimated the adult population. I started having symptoms during our long drive home...lucky me!

Just could your husband tell it was rotavirus and not norovirus? Hope everyone gets well soon!

The bean-mom said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

mad hatter, I don't think my husband can know for certain that it's rotavirus; he didn't run any diagnostic tests. It's just his educated guess! (And this seems to be the way medicine really is practiced! At least in our household =) )

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Glad you are all feeling better! And that the dryer is working! And my, your little vector sure is cute as a button! (erm, a bit behind on reading so I'm commenting here for a backlog on posts.)