Friday, February 22, 2008

Growing babies

Bean-girl comes up daily with new nicknames for her little sister. They generally follow a food theme.
Baby Jello
Baby Snacks
Baby Cheese
"Mouse" and "Wiggles" aren't foods, but see what I mean?

Bean-girl has been talking, too, of the time when she herself will grow a baby within her tummy.

When I get bigger, I will make a friend for Baby Legume! she proclaimed one day.
How will you make the friend? I asked, amused.
I'll grow it in my tummy, she answered. When I get bigger, I will grow a baby for Baby Legume to play with.

I haven't the heart, of course, to point out that Baby Legume will no longer be a baby by this time.

This week we have been reading for bedtime a story of an elephant who becomes a big brother to triplets. Do you want any more babies? I asked the Bean-girl after reading this story, with mild trepidation.

She nodded. I would like two babies, she said.

Oh, honey, I said. I don't think mommy and daddy are going to have any more babies.

Bean-girl was unperturbed. I will grow the baby, she said. I'm going to grow it for you. When I get bigger I will make a baby and give it to you.
You know what? I told her. I think I would like that very much. I think that when you get much bigger, I would like it a lot if you had babies for me.


ScienceGirl said...

I bet my mom would be very amused by this. Apparently I too was interested in growing babies when my sister was one, except I was set on doing so right away. I asked how babies started growing, so mom explained that one has to really want a baby first. A week later, I told her that I have been really wanting a baby, and asked if it was growing in my tummy yet.

Glad the Bean-girl is ready to wait a little while :)

EcoGeoFemme said...

Oh how sweet. :)

TheMusingMommy said...

oh, what a sweet girl!

ScienceMama said...

I LOVE the idea of Bean-girl calling Baby Legume "Bagels". I cannot stop laughing at that one.

arduous said...

Haha! You should record that so that when she's 28 you can start to harass her! You promised me grandkids when you were three!!!