Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thank you!

Arduous, the Happy Scientist, and Sciencemama were all kind enough to give me this Excellent Blog award! I am honored to be nominated by these three women who are not only all Excellent Bloggers, but wonderful people as well.
This blog award is speeding through my local corner of the women-in-science blogosphere, and has already swept up many of my favorite science bloggers--in addition to Sciencemama and the Happy Scientist, it's already been passed on to Wayfarer Scientista, VWXYnot? and more.

So I'm going to turn in a different direction, and pass it on to some non-scientist bloggers.

The Musing Mommy--for her musings and stories of raising Baby Girl in the rural Midwest

Ophelia Rising--for her lovely meditations on motherhood and more (and recipes to boot!)

Life as I Know It--funny, poignant, and true!

MetroDad--this guy is just frigging hilarious.

Notes to Self--beautiful words and pictures.

And finally. . . Mind the Gap, by Jennifer Rohn.

Well, Mind the Gap is actually a science/scientist blog, but doesn't seem that well-known in my corner of the blogosophere. I think it's because she blogs on Nature Network, and draws her readership from other registered users of that site. You don't need to be registered, though, to read her posts. Jennifer Rohn has a unique story... after a successful career in scientific publishing, she has elected to go back into academic research. Starting all over again. As a postdoctoral scientist. Is she crazy? Foolhardy? Brave? Heck, she even blogs under her own name! Whatever you might think, her posts are certainly worth reading, and beautifully crafted. Like this one. In fact, several of her posts are being featured in this year's Open Lab Anthology of the best science blog writing of 2007.

Okay, gotta mind the baby. And oh, what the last few days have been like here. . . .


Life As I Know It said...

Thank you!

I enjoy reading your blog too!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

thanks for the new blogs! And for the passing in mention of being one of your favorites. I enjoy being here too. :)

TheMusingMommy said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just read this! Thank you so much (belatedly). That really means a lot to me. I think your blog is most excellent, too!

(I had a period during this past winter where I kind of dropped out of blogging, for awhile. I think this is why I didn't catch this one).