Friday, March 7, 2008


After numerous teasers, I think Spring has finally come to our corner of the Midwest. Melting snow trickles in rivulets down the sides of our neighborhood roads, and the morning chorus of birdcalls appears to have increased outside my window. Perhaps most telling, birds seem to be roosting above our chimney again; we hear their clear calls echoing down the shaft as though they live right inside. The hours of daylight have noticeably increased. Although the air is still brisk, the sky blue and cold, yet those distant skies seem to hint at new warmth in their depths.

It’s been a long, hard winter. By no means are snow showers necessarily a thing of the past; in this part of the world, the occasional April snow storm is not unheard of. But I finally feel that something has turned, some balance has been tipped. The earth is tilting into Spring, leaning its face into the Sun.


TheMusingMommy said...


Sounds like our neck of the woods, too.

Mad Hatter said...

There have been a couple of times here when I thought winter might be over...and then it came back. Very, very sneaky! :-)