Sunday, April 6, 2008


Impressions from this weekend: spring sunlight shining through bare trees, wind blowing through my childrens’ hair, Bean-girl running happily on sand. Grandparents, sister, and a great-aunt all visiting. Conversation flying in all directions, every which way, leading my husband to comment that my family is very “tiring.” It’s quite true. A number of Google searches for various random questions proposed by family members. Baby Legume eats everything in sight with her strong baby gums. Bean-girl eats nothing at all. Legume is celebrated for her eating feats by the grandparents; Bean-girl is despaired of. Baby Legume is cruising and crawling very fast. Unstoppable baby.
And I am very tired, and going to bed!

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rana said...

ah! i was so lucky to get to come over for the super short visit! baby legume did not even cry too much. she was a very wonderful baby.

my friend was looking at his favorite painting online and expressing how emotional it was and i was just like, "i don't feel art". and he was like, "how can you not feel this painting?"

later i show him the picture on my camera phone of the bean girls, i say, "look at the babies!" and he kinda looked at it and finally said, "i guess i justdon't react to pictures of babies like i should".

personally, i'd rather have an appreciation of other people's babies than other people's art!