Monday, May 26, 2008


. . . what with the kids waking up, one by and one, and then creeping or being carried into our bed… and Baby Legume popping up bright-eyed and laughing at 6 am (“It’s NOT funny!” Husband told her as she sat next to him, clapping and laughing at nothing at all). And the unending loads of laundry as we try to catch up after our most recent vacation. Yeah, our last vacation—we went to Chicago for a few days to meet my mother-in-law, who was traveling through the Midwest. We had a wonderful time—Millenium Park, the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, the Brookfield Zoo, Chinatown, downtown… But oh, I am tired. Since getting back from our time in the Caribbean, our normally wide-open social calendar has been suddenly, surprisingly, packed. Our house is a mess. I still haven’t even cleaned up completely from our last visitors, or unpacked completely from our last vacation.

The kids go to bed so late. Tonight Baby Legume did not go down until 9: 30 or so. She tilted and squirmed crazily in my arms, laughing like a baby maniac. And Bean-girl always goes to bed late—usually past 10. I should really cut out her nap, but I need that afternoon respite for my very sanity. The smart thing would be for Husband and I to go immediately to bed after we put the kids to sleep. But these late night hours are *our* only times for quiet, for solitude. And so I here I am, reading blogs and writing my own. And there is Husband in the next room, playing with the new Wii system that he just bought.

And around midnight we’ll go to bed… get woken up around three… and start it all over again around six (or if we’re very luck, seven).


The baby birds in our patio table hatched sometime last week, while we were in Chicago. We came back to find that three out of the four eggs had hatched; three skinny baby birds gaped up at us, all open orange mouths, like strange open flowers. They’re robins, after all; I finally saw the mother’s orange breast when she hopped off the nest one day. I even saw her feeding her babies. Bean-girl has been mildly interested, but I think birds are not really her thing.
(Sting rays, on the other hand, are. Sting rays, dolphins, and beluga whales. She spent a long, long time gazing at the dolphins and beluga whales at the Shedd Aquarium. And she got a stuffed sting ray from the gift shop, which she now sleeps with at night).

We have one more brief trip planned for the next weekend. We're going down to my parents' house to celebrate an important milestone. The Baby Legume turns one in exactly seven days. I can hardly believe it.


ScienceMama said...

My goodness! Happy birthday Baby Legume!

I know how you feel. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up... and always losing.

I've been missing your posts lately. I hope you have more time to write more beautiful posts soon!

ScienceGirl said...

That explains the quietness on your end! I hope you get to catch up on sleep some soon.

And how can Baby Legume possibly be one already? Wow! Happy birthday to your little girl!

ScientistMother said...

Happy birthday to baby legume, isn't it scary how quickly they grow. I still am in awe of how all their little cells divided and committed so perfectly and quickly! It is a never ending battle with catchup, and how they mock you with the 6am wakeup! monkey consistently comes into our bed around 5:30ish, and normally sleeps till 7am. Except when he decides that 6:09am is the perfect time to wakeup and start pulling my hair or tapping Mr.SM's back...Annoying as it is, enjoy the beauty of waking up next to them, before you know it legume will be big girl that doesn't need her mommy to sleep. hold on it will get better :)

arduous said...

Happy birthday, Baby Legume! Hey, she's a gemini just like me!!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Oh boy. I hope you all get some rest!

I seriously don't know how parents do it. When my sleep is interrupted just one night I'm a train wreck the next day. Of course, I know that I'm a special snowflake and all, but I can't imagine what it will be like to have limited and interrupted sleep for years on end if I have kids. You people with kids are superstars.