Monday, May 5, 2008

Imaginary friend

It was a wonderful vacation. More details to follow…

Today Bean-girl introduced me to her imaginary friend, “Alice.” Baby Legume ruined Alice’s surprise party by peeing on the floor (when I foolishly left her undiapered for a moment), and making a mess. I cleaned up the mess, but Bean-girl kept lamenting that Alice’s surprise party was “a little bit ruined.” Later, I heard Bean-girl scolding Alice in the bathroom for not washing her hands after she’d used the potty. “Alice is not washing her hands!” Bean-girl kept yelling. We agreed that Alice could not get a treat until she had washed her hands. Although I played along, I will admit that it unnerved me a bit to see Bean-girl talking to thin air.

Bean-girl evidently does know the boundaries between imaginary and real, however. At dinner time, I asked if I should serve Alice as well. “Well,” my daughter said, “I think Alice is pretend. So I think you should just give her pretend food.”

Easily done, my Bean.

Alice was happy to try mushroom crepes, while Bean-girl was not. Alice is evidently a better eater than the Bean-girl, as is the Baby Legume and probably 99.5% of the earth’s population.


ScienceMama said...

Welcome home, Bean-family!

I think it's great that Bean-girl is so good at pretending. I wonder how long Alice will stick around...

(Any ideas where the name Alice came from?)

ScienceGirl said...

I was surprised to find out that Hubby had an imaginary friend who broke things when he was a kid :) It's great that the Bean-girl has such wonderful imagination!

I am glad to hear you had a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Glad your vacation was a good one!

(You know, I've read that children who have imaginary friends are creative, resourceful, and intelligent people! Welcome, Alice! :)

EcoGeoFemme said...

I too had an imainary friend was I was little. His name was Bizbee Quinn and mostly I would stage elaborate weddings with him, then get divorced so we could have another wedding. Sometimes I could get one of my sibs to officiate. I was also a very picky eater. You might be happy to know that I no longer have an imaginary friend and am not a picky eater, so there is hope for Bean-girl. :)

The situation sounds extremely cute!

The bean-mom said...

Ecogeofemme, your imaginary friend story is the funniest I've ever heard!

I'm so glad there's hope for the Bean-girl. Alice hasn't made an appearance today, and I must admit that I'm relieved; I know imaginary friends are normal, but they just creep me out!