Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New York Times article on women and science--this crap passes for journalism?

John Tierney has written this inane article for the New York Times. In it, he discusses recent efforts to apply Title IX standards to increase the representation of women in the sciences. He reveals his utter lack of understanding by professing that (1) any underrepresentation of women in the sciences is because women just don't like science, that's all. We like to deal with people, not things like numbers and facts. (2) Women earn the majority of docorates in the life sciences and psychology, so really, there's no problem anyway. (He apparently does not know, or completely ignores, the fact that this very statistic makes womens' marked underrepresentation at the higher tiers of scientific employment all the more shocking).
Physioprof is guest-posting at Feministe, and has this response, in his usual blistering, funny, and absolutely obscene style. Go read it.
Then you can go spam Tierney's blog.


arduous said...

Oh my God, I hate Tierney. He used to blog for the main op-ed page and I was happy when they basically moved him over to just talking about science instead of his stupid dumb politics, but apparently he can wreak redonculous there too.

CAE said...

I don't read the NY Times but I gathered from Female Science Professor's post yesterday that she's getting lots of traffic from the online version. Hopefully her post will refute some of the points in the article!

Ophelia Rising said...

Wow. Is all I can think of to say. (WHAT year is this, anyway? And WHY do we still have to defend our choices/interests, as women...)?

I enjoyed the Feministe site, and loved reading the comments as much as the actual post. Interesting stuff! Thanks for pointing it out.

The bean-mom said...

Cae, thanks for the link to Female Science Professor's post. It's an elegant, wonderful response (and certainly with cleaner language than Physioprof's!)

Arduous, the more I learn about this Tierney guy, the more I dislike him. I've occasionally followed his other "science" articles in the Times, and didn't think too highly of any of those either. I would hate to see his political Op-ed pieces.

Ophelia--yeah, that Feministe post is a hoot, isn't it?