Friday, July 25, 2008

Revelation for the Bean

This morning I coaxed the girls out to Friday story time at a bookstore, and then lunch in the adjoining café. Bean-girl noticed that the family seated next to us had three children.

Bean-girl: That family has THREE children!

Me: That’s right.

Bean-girl: Why do they have three children?

Me: Some parents have three children, Bean-girl.

Bean-girl: But you only have two daughters.

Me: That’s right. But some mommies and daddies have more. Some have three children. (dramatic pause). And some have four children. Or even five. Or six!

Bean-girl’s eyes get bigger and bigger as I count off these numbers. When I hit “six”, she just about falls off her chair, laughing.

Actually, I have the same reaction. And this is written with no offense intended toward anyone who comes from a large family, has a large family, or intends to have a large family. It’s just that these days, with these two little girls running me ragged—one 3-year old who no longer naps during the day, and the one-year old force of destruction that is the Baby Legume—well, the idea of three or more children is absolutely hysterical to me. Hysterical ha-ha, and also hysterical in the sense of padded room and tranquilizers, please.


EcoGeoFemme said...

Well, I come from a big-big family and I'm not offended. While it is super fun to be part of such a family, I would never have one myself. Even if the parents don't go crazy, they just don't have enough resources to spread around that many kids -- money, space, and most especially time (which you can't get more of no matter how fat your income is).

ScientistMother said...

the monkey is running both the mister and myself ragged at the moment. After he climbed to the top of the 6 foot ladder and then grabbed the gutter to follow his dad onto the roof, I asked the mister, are you sure we want more of this???

ScienceMama said...

I don't know how my mother did it with 5!

ophelia rising said...

I have heard people say that once you have two children, then any more is just sort of par for the course. Only having two, myself, I wouldn't know. I could see having one more. Even two more. But three more...? :0 Oh, my.

I love that your little funny girl almost fell off her chair in laughter! :)

The bean-mom said...

Ecogeofemme and Sciencemama, I'm in awe of your parents. I just don't couldn't imagine raising four or five (or more!) children!

Scientistmother--really? Your Monkey climbed a 6-ft ladder?! Now I understand his nickname...

And Ophelia Rising--yeah, I've also heard from people that after the first two, others don't add that much more to the chaos. Don't think I'm brave enough to find out for myself!

CAE said...

My husband is one of five, and his mum says she would have had more kids if her husband had let her!

TheMusingMommy said...

I know what you mean...with one of my own, plus the 3-4 extra kids in the house with daycare...Yikes!! Let's just say I'm in now rush to have another baby.

I do admire the parents that create a large family and do it successfully, though. That takes a lot of work!

Mimi said...

I concur. That is a lot of children. I come from a big family, but I just shake my head at that. I can't imagine what my family was thinking. I enjoy being a D.I.N.K.