Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick post

  • Baby Legume is saying "ball." So far, it's her only consistent word. Though of course, it comes out more as "baa."

  • Baby's new favorite thing is handing objects to people. Sometimes Bean-girl gets annoyed when the baby hands her things she doesn't want. Of course, she gets even more annoyed when the baby tries to take things from her (that she does want).

  • The mystery of corn:

This morning the kids lay in bed with us, watching cartoons and cuddling before Husband went into work. "Ugh!" Bean-girl announced. "Baby smells bad!"

"Did she have a poopy diaper! Husband and I asked. We sniffed.
"She smells bad!" Bean-girl insisted.
"What does she smell like?" we asked.
"Like corn!"
My husband and I sniffed and sniffed, turning the baby over. "What part of her smells like corn, Bean-girl?" Husband asked.
Bean-girl leaned in for a good whiff. "Her cheeks!" she announced.
  • And finally, in science related news . . . That science writing job may not be dead in the water after all. I'll let you know more, soon.


ruchi aka arduous said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

ScientistMother said...

Yeah! My fingers are crossed for you:)

ScienceMama said...

Hahaha... Bean-girl is awesome.

Yay for Baby Legume! Bean has had an explosion of verbal prowess recently. It's amazing. I'm sure it's all an old hat for you, but I'm enthralled!

And that's fantastic news about the science writer job! I'll be on pins and needles!

P.S. Is up-and-coming-research-institute hiring tenure track faculty this fall? Husband and I are waiting for the rush of job postings to imagine where our future hometown might be...

Green Bean said...

Too cute! I love that Baby Legume's cheeks smell like corn.

Mad Hatter said...

Thinking good thoughts for you about that science writing job! Hope it all works out.

The bean-mom said...

Thanks for crossed fingers!!

No, Sciencemama, it's never "old hat!" (And people with 3 kids tell me it's not old hat even the third time around).

I'll keep ears open for any openings here at Up-and-Coming-Research-Institute. I think most places don't advertise until the fall...