Monday, November 17, 2008

Call for thoughts on science blogging

Graduate student and new blogger mouse is writing an article on the science blogging community. She would like to hear your thoughts on science blogging. I’ll let her speak in her own words (an excerpt of her e-mail to me, published here with her permission):

One of the avenues I've pursued in the interests of developing my writing skills is to take on a quarterly column for the Association for Women in Science magazine. The theme for my column will be balancing life and work, and the theme for the next issue is science, technology, and popular culture. I had thought it might be interesting to write my first column about the science blogging community, with a particular focus on female science bloggers. Our society has become very mobile now--people move between states a lot, and most people have family and friends spread all over the country. This can often mean that we don't have a support system of lifelong friends and neighbors right down the street anymore to discuss the daily successes and disappointments of our lives. To some extent, I feel like the internet and blogs are filling that gap. It connects people with similar backgrounds who are or have or will go through similar stages in their lives and careers, and lets them share their thoughts with each other regularly, even if they're from very different places. In the science blogging arena, women write about their experiments, their grants, their projects, and their work, but they also write about their lives outside of science. They post pictures of their children, they share recipes, they swap haikus (I really enjoyed that exchange on your blog), they talk about their families. And in the comments sections and discussions, they offer advice, support, reassurance, ideas, etc. Although most of the bloggers may never meet in person, they are a support network and a community for each other.

If you have any thoughts about blogging that you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to hear them :) Why you got started blogging, why you continue to blog, whether you do think that an informal community has formed between female science bloggers, and if you do, any thoughts you might have about the community and your own experience. Your favorite things about blogging, your favorite blogs, anything like that :) If you know of anyone else that would care to share their opinions, please pass them along to me too! I'll keep comments anonymous, unless anyone would like me to mention them or their blog in particular.

If you have any thoughts to share, please visit mouse’s site, Notes and Margins, and share your comments there!


ScienceMama said...

I miss the Haiku "war". I think we need to reinstate it.

Mimi said...

Thanks for the heads up! I love learning about new blogs.

The bean-mom said...


Re the haiku war--I'm game if you are. Want to try for it this Friday?

ScienceMama said...

Sold. You better bring your game, Bean-mom.