Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008--The day after

Even as I watched state after state falling to Obama on the news last night . . . even when the news anchors announced that there was now no path for a McCain victory . . . even as the electoral counts mounted, reached, and then surpassed the "magic" number of 270 . . . still, I had trouble believing Obama would really be our next president. It seemed like a dream. (we know how the Democrats have f----- up the last two shots they had).
Husband and I didn't actually watch his acceptance speech live. Yes, lame, I know. Husband had to get up early the next day, we were both tired, and we turned in.
Today I've been immersed in the election news (in my defense, slow day at work. I really really need more projects there). I've just watched Obama's electrifying acceptance speech on CNN, and McCain's extraordinarily gracious concession speech. It's sinking in. It's real.
I can't think of a time that I've been prouder of this country.


Mimi said...

I concur. I just don't think it will officially sink in for me until Jan 20th. There's some time yet and there are psychopaths out there who want him dead. I'm a nervous wreck still! hehe

The bean-mom said...

Oh, Mimi, don't say that! I wasn't even thinking that way until you mentioned it!

ophelia rising said...

I am still reeling from it. It's truly amazing that we Americans did this. At the risk of sounding way too trite, I am so incredibly hopeful.