Friday, November 21, 2008

Haiku challenge--bringing my game

Baby Legume Meets a Coxsackievirus, or
The red pinprick rash
erupted into blisters
on her hands and feet.
Baby spreads her palm
and gazes curiously
at tender white moons.


Bon said...

this is awesome, poetically. and truly crappy otherwise.

ScientistMother said...

HFM sucks, poor little baby-legume. Monkey had it in august and it was horrible b/c he kept wanting to eat, screaming for food and then would cry so much from the pain. Hugs to baby-legume. I hope it gets better soon.

ScienceMama said...

all right, you won this battle. but the war rages on.

beautiful, by the way. poor baby legume.

Ambivalent Academic said...

poor legume! excellent haiku!

Mimi said...

I'm with Bon on this one, and everyone else, apparently.

ruchi aka arduous said...

Oh poor legume. But seriously awesome haiku.