Monday, December 22, 2008

End of the year odds and ends

It’s been snowing for days now, it seems. The snow keeps coming, swirling down as large, fluffy flakes, piling up in drifts as tall as our mailbox. This evening the other mothers and I complained as we picked up our preschoolers and herded them out the door. “Yeah, it’s pretty,” one of the women said. “As long as you can be inside, just looking at it.” We grumbled, but our children were enthralled, begging to be allowed to run through the snow (NO! the parents said, it’s time to go HOME!) Bean-girl and her friends lagged behind. Bean-girl scooped up handfuls of fluffy snow with her bare hands, then held her hands out to show me their prize. I lifted Baby Legume up, and Legume tilted her face up to the sky, raising one arm in delight at the snowfall.

It took almost 40 minutes to get home—more than twice the time as usual. The children were content in their backseats, Legume quietly sucking her fingers and Bean-girl firing away her usual string of unanswerable questions (“Why don’t we see Santa’s elves around? Why do the elves stay at the North Pole? Why don’t they come down to see children at the mall the way Santa does?”) The roads were iced with packed snow. I drove carefully, and perhaps I should have been annoyed at the delay, the traffic jam, the white stuff that kept falling from the sky. But the truth is that the snow was indeed beautiful.


This morning the Bean-girl and I had the following conversation:

Bean-girl: Mommy, will I have kids when I get bigger someday?
Me: You can have kids one day if you want, Bean-girl. If you want to, you can.
Bean-girl (as plaintively as any lovelorn teenager): But what if I don’t find a nice man??!
Me: Um, hopefully you will.
Bean-girl: But what if I don’t?
Me: Uhh….
Bean-girl: Why did you marry Daddy?
Me: Because I thought he was funny and cute?
Bean-girl: I wish I could marry Daddy.


A few days ago, Scientistmother wrote this about not keeping up with her blog:

"I also know that I'm not supposed stress out about the blog but its not stressed out need to cross this off my list type of stress, its the OMG I so haven't talked to my BFF and I totally miss her need to find time for her type of stress."

And that’s exactly how I feel when I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while. Like I’ve missed seeing a friend. And I have indeed been missing my friends—missed catching up with you, seeing how everyone is doing. I haven’t been around as much to read and comment. Family is visiting, children are tugging at my legs, work is getting busy. Tomorrow my mother and sibling are supposed to drive several hours through the snow to join my own family and me for Christmas in our home. It will be the first time that Husband and I have hosted Christmas. The radio predicts snowstorms for the next two days. Hopefully they will all make it (but if the weather is truly bad I hope they all stay put!) Anyway. Merry Christmas, blogosphere. Or happy holidays, if you prefer. I hope to catch up with all of you soon.


ScientistMother said...

Merry christmas to you as well. I hope you have wonderful and safe holiday. I will read you in the New Year!

ScienceGirl said...

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone makes it safely to your place and you all enjoy your family time!