Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goals for 2009

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. They're usually vague, cliched, unmeasurable fluff. I resolve to get in shape. To take care of myself. To be more patient. To get in touch with my spiritual self. To savor the moment.

Yesterday I ran across a thread on the ScienceCareers discussion forum about career resolutions for 2009. People were posting specific, measurable goals. Publish remaining work from Ph.D. Publish first-person article. Join a professional society. Move to a new city. That kind of thing.

I, too, am going to set some very specific, measurable goals. Relatively modest goals. In fact, I am setting down here only two very modest career goals for 2009. I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and anxious, so it's best for me to take it easy =)

1. Revise short story from this summer and resubmit to encouraging editor.

2. Publish one article with Favorite Trade Journal
(this is designated Favorite Trade Journal because they published a book review I wrote for them this summer. Now that the editor knows me, I should really follow up.)

If either of these resolutions are fulfilled, I promise to share the results here. And if anyone out there has some advice on freelance writing--scientific or otherwise--I'd love to hear it. Ummm, anyone with advice on conducting interviews for magazine pieces? I don't even know where to start with that, although "getting the quote" seems a necessity. Anyone with experiences using Skype to record phone interviews?

Barely 24 hours left before the New Year. Time for me to get some sleep. Tommorrow I'll be home all day with the bean girls, trying to fit in grant-writing, cooking, laundry (and maybe some sales shopping!) around the edges. Oh yeah, and trying to savor the moment, too.


Mimi said...

sounds like you are on your way to a productive new year. Have a good one... don't party too hard (haha).

ScienceGirl said...

Yay for well-defined goals - Happy and productive New Year to you!

Rowena said...

Hi Beanmom!
Thanks for stopping over at my blog. Your life sounds really interesting to me. I always loved science, and sometimes think I coulda been in science. But then I like the arts and literature too, and maybe they all aren't so different. Just a different way of understanding the world.

And you need specific, measurable goals for both!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Happy New Year!

My advice for conducting interviews is to practice on a friend. I'm hoping to get some more practice in soon! I definitely found that taping the conversation helped to fill in the gaps where my notes were inadequate. I don't know how to tape Skype calls though, so please let me know if you figure it out!

ophelia rising said...

Wow! Good for you. Those are great resolutions. I'd love to give you some advice about freelance writing, but somehow I feel a bit underqualified. But, if you need job listing boards, or anything like that, I can send some along.

I hope that your story and article are picked up and that you publish, publish, publish this year! (Come to think of it, I hope that for me, too. We'll just have to support each other through this)!

Anonymous said...

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