Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sleepy time

What I like is how the kids can be practically stumbling about in tiredness, wilting on the vine, big purple bags under their eyes—and yet they loudly protest that THEY ARE NOT TIRED (one protests with words, the other protests without words), THEY ARE NOT TIRED and THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO SLEEP!!! Bean-girl insists, in fact, that she NEVER GETS TIRED and she NEVER SLEEPS! We may think she is sleeping when she lies in her bed with eyes closed all night, but really she is just lying there with eyes closed pretending to sleep. That’s what she says. Because, you know, the Bean-girl never ever ever sleeps. And then two minutes later, after mighty protestations, she is out like a light.


Last weekend the Bean-girl came down with a terrible stomach flu, couldn’t keep anything down for a day. She was the most compliant little patient I’ve ever seen. She hated “spitting up” (actually, it was throwing up) so much that she would do anything to avoid it. She sat there sipping her Pedialyte, calling it her “medicine juice.” Later that weekend the nausea hit me, and Bean-girl suggested that I drink some Pedialyte, too.

“Did I make you sick, mommy?” she asked. “I think so, but it’s not your fault,” I said. “The germs in your body made me sick.”

“I think the germs snuck into my body when I was sleeping,” Bean-girl said. “And then they snuck into your body.”

Bean-girl crashed out on the couch. Baby Legume came by to lovingly pat her sister’s back. One of Legume’s favorite games is patting baby dolls and stuffed animals to sleep. Now she had a real live big sister doll to pat.

Husband caught this picture. It’s one of the few that we have with both girls in the same frame. Trying to take pictures of the two children together is, well, in my sleep-deprived state I’m having trouble coming up with a clever analogy. Let’s just say it’s very difficult.

When Bean-girl woke from her nap, she insisted she had never fallen asleep at all. Confronted with the evidence, she could only laugh and claim that she’d been resting her eyes.

(Note: Baby Legume came down with the same stomach flu a few days later. Fun times.)


EcoGeoFemme said...

Awww, how sweet. But what a major bummer that you were all sick! It must be terrible to have a puking child you can't tell you when it's coming.

Have you been eating peanut butter?

Mimi said...

So adorable!

The bean-mom said...


No, no peanut butter here! Gar, the news makes you scared to eat anything these days, doesn't it?

ScientistMother said...

that is sooo adorable. And yeah I get the sleep thing.

Last night at his cousin bday party, monkey was adament that he did not need to sleep. Despite us finding him asleep in the bathroom (2x), in the hallway, and in middle of the living room. Everytime we picked him upto put him in bed, he'd run away laughing and begging to play...

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

so cute! My parents have endless photos of me crashed out on the floor, halfway up the stairs etc. Apparently I'd be running around like a crazy person then it would suddenly go silent, and they'd find me asleep behind the sofa or something.

It's great that you talk to the girls about germs etc. Two Xmases ago, one of my nephews passed on his cold to his older brother, meaning that the older brother couldn't go skiing with us. Older brother then hit little brother for making him sick, while the little brother cried and cried and said he was sorry. I hadn't realised until then that this isn't an intuitive thing for kids!

hope everyone's feeling better now.

ophelia rising said...

Ugh. I hope they both are better soon!

SO funny, how all of these little ones insist they are not tired, fight sleep, and do everything they can just to keep. awake. one. more. minute.

I'll never understand it. Some days, I think I could sleep standing up, wherever I happen to be.

The bean-mom said...

Scientistmother and Cath,

Love the images of little kids crashed out in the hallways and stairs! Yes, why do they DO that?! Why don't they *want* to sleep?!

Oh, Ophelia, sometimes I feel I could sleep standing up, too. (sigh)

Wayfarer Scientista said...

with my niece and nephew I find they protest their lack of tiredness the most when they are the tiredest. odd isn't it?

rana said...

oh so cute! she's patting her doll.