Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring break recap

Every morning, we woke up to this outside our bedroom window.

The blue waters of this Caribbean island are like nothing I've seen elsewhere. I spent the week trying to think of a name for this shade of blue. In person, it's an electric color that is almost green.

We spent a lot of time at the pool

And at the resort's splash park.

And the kids were enraptured by Elmo.

Sesame Street characters cavorting in the Caribbean sounds crazy, yes. But it works.
The Bean family's second annual trip to the Turks and Caicos was a smashing success, I'd say. It really did feel like paradise there. But spring in the Midwest, with the tulips abloom and all the pear trees on our street in full white flower? Coming back to that wasn't so bad after all. =)


Life As I Know It said...

wow! looks amazingly beautiful!

ScienceMama said...

What a trip! I cannot believe how big Bean-girl is! She and Legume have changed so much since your last pictures... Wow they are beautiful!

Mad Hatter said...

That looks totally awesome! Glad you had a good time. How'd the challenge grant go?

The bean-mom said...

It really was lovely.

Mad Hatter--Challenge Grants--ha! I thankfully wasn't put in charge of really writing any--I just read through and copyedited ones that postdocs in the lab wrote, then took off on my vacation the Friday before they were due! I understand that one of our postdocs was working on hers until 3 pm the Monday they were due. Our Grants and Contracts office is staffed by saints--very patient and supportive!

How was *your* Challenge Grant?

Mad Hatter said...

Sweet! I think that's the best possible way to handle any kind of grant. And I know, our department's grant coordinator is awesome and seemed to take all this in stride. I, on the other hand, would've been running around screaming! :-)

As for my challenge grant, well, I managed to get out of writing one altogether! My PI foisted it on two of the postdocs instead (heehee). I did have to write an administrative supplement, but those things are pretty short. Don't know how I got so lucky. :-)

PA said...

Wow! Looks great! And sciencemama is right - they are so big and beautiful!

Also good to see that families with two kids can still go on great vacations!

ophelia rising said...

Wow! What a beautiful, incredible place. I would definitely have trouble coming back. :) Although, the spring where you are sounds wonderful, too...

Your girls are so beautiful, and I can't believe how much they're growing. (I know, that sounds trite - but it's true! Kids grow up! Imagine)!