Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still working (but enjoying this weekend)

Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of work at the Institute.

But in an almost literal last moment reprieve... my boss made the decision to extend my contract through the end of the year. Because I had already altered my daycare arrangements, I told them that I would only be able to work full three days a week. So as of next week, I'm officially on a 24-hour work schedule (and going to try my darndest to be disciplined enough to to keep it that way. I will NOT work on official days off!)

In a way, I'm actually a little sad about the loss of the freedom I'd envisioned working as a freelancer. Working part-time is better, of course--not just monetarily, but for other reasons as well. This way I still have continous access to the resources of the Institute, including access to cool seminars (yeah, I'm a geek about that) as well as the structure, camraderie, and steady income of a salaried position. And now it will be much easier to keep in contact with Hot Young PI as we work together on a re-entry grant for this winter.

(Yup, I'm still planning to submit a grant with Hot Young PI. And to hopefully transition to his laboratory at some point in the new year. So the timing and length of my current contract extension actually works out just perfectly.)

So things took an unexpected but happy turn... I took two days off this week to use up my last official vacation time and see the Bean-girl off to kindergarten. She is doing amazingly well, and is so excited and happy for the new adventures each day at her new school! Everything is thrilling for her--the kindergarten class, the pre-kindergarten daycare, using a locker, going down the twisty slide, making friends with older kids on the playground... In fact, she told me she'd rather go to school all day than spend some mornings at home with her mommy!

Bean-girl. At. Kindergarten! Legume kept saying after we'd dropped Bean-girl off. Bean-girl. At. Kindergarten! She said it over and over as she drifted off at naptime that first day. Then woke, bleary-eyed, but game to put on her shoes and go pick up her sister at school. Bean-girl. At. Kindergarten!

And when we picked her up, Bean-girl pouted tha we hadn't let her ride the bus home.


In mid-September, summer finally makes her late appearance. The weather is gorgeous. Our city throws an end-of-summer bash at this time each year. My husband and I took the kids downtown last night to see the festivities. We sat eating strawberry ice-cream on an open deck, watching fireworks explode over the river. Baby Legume quietly chattered her wonder. Green! Pur-ple! Pop, pop, pop! Wow-wow-wow!


Mimi said...

Sort of sucks about your contract working out that way, but you'll make it work. By the way, you aren't the only one who is a geek about seminars!

ScienceGirl said...

I am a geek about seminars too. Hubby and I even sometimes drive an hour to go to a nearby institute for evening talks.

Glad you were able to work out a part-time arrangement - hopefully it will let you have a bit of both worlds while you are in transition!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Will you have time to do some freelancing on the other 2 days, or will the girls keep you busy? I've always thought that 3 days in an office and 2 doing my own thing at home would be perfect. Or maybe the other way around. Hmmmm...

anyway, I hope you enjoy the extra few months of stable pay cheques!

The bean-mom said...

Thanks--nice to hear from other seminar geeks!

Cath, I'm pretty sure my girls will keep me too busy on my days "off" for professional freelancing... but I do hope to squeeze in some time this fall for personal non-science writing...