Monday, April 26, 2010

I got the grant

I just received a phone call.

The NCI has recommended that my grant application for a re-entry research fellowship be funded.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back from spring break--updated

Back from one of the craziest family spring breaks ever. Uh, not in a good way.

Well, there were some good times. Ritz-Carlton hotel. Zoo and science museums. A streak of good weather at the end.

Bad weather in the middle. Sniffles and runny noses all around. And oh yeah--on the next-to-the-last night I had to go to the ER in Old Post-doc City for painful treatment of a relatively non-serious but painful and embarassing medical condition (let's just say it's a feminine issue and leave it at that. And I now feel the way I did in the aftermath of giving birth.)

Good times.

And my husband still wants to leave for his conference this week, leaving me alone with the two kids while still recovering from my admittedly minor outpatient surgery. Um, remember where I said it feels like the aftermath of giving birth?

I would call him a name here, but restraint wins out.

Updated: Thank you for the well wishes! My husband came to his senses and canceled his conference. Last night, as our children ran around the dinner table and created their usual havoc, he admitted that it would have been "cruel" to leave me alone with them in my state. Damn right.

I have decided to forgive him his temporary lapse in judgement/sanity.

And I have a prescription for a new set of antibiotics and am feeling much better.