Monday, November 15, 2010

Still alive

I'm still alive.

Vancouver was awesome, and deserves its own post. We wandered around the city, ate great Chinese food (not easy to get in my Midwestern town), and discovered that it's a wonderfully family-friendly place if you know where to go. Luckily, I have blog-friends who pointed me where to go. And I actually got to meet two of them on our trip!

Then back home and full-speed into the holiday season. Bean-girl turned six. There was Halloween, and Halloween parties, and her first at-home birthday party (which I survived). And my first lab meeting, and now Thanksgiving is looming and Christmas music is already playing 24-7 on the radio and I'm writing a scientific review on a field I know almost nothing about, while simultaneously trying to do lab experiments...

Yeah, I've been busy. And now I've come down with a cold.

So that Vancouver blog post (wherein I pretend to be a travel writer) is going to have to wait, like so many things these days.

But hey, check out this article and the accompanying video. Watch the F-ATP synthases spin!

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