Saturday, July 28, 2012

Living on the edge

I am sneaking a cup of hot tea into the lab, in defiance of our rabid compliance office. Yeah, go ahead and bust me, security team. It's a freaking weekend.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


In the summer heat are unexpected scenes of late fall: trees standing by the side of the road with their crowns brushed brown, trees with half their leaves withered and beige. Drought has brought autumn to July. All anyone talks of is the weather--how to escape it, when will it end. Even the water in swimming pools is too warm. Rain teases us, letting fly a few drops on a grey morning, but never letting loose, never satisfying.

I have not been on this blog for a long, long time. I'm not sure how to begin again, other than with some lame chatter about the weather. Nothing drastic has kept me away, only the usual: work and life. Work... eh. Could be better. I know it could be worse. It's going way more slowly than I want, but it's always that way with me and science.

And life? Life is just fine. Children growing happy and healthy. Bean-girl a responsible big sister, a soon-to-be third grader who reads Encyclopedia Brown books, loves Pokemon, loves playing on her parents' iPad, but still can't ride a bike (another summer project for us, but one I haven't yet touched). And sister Legume is entering kindergarten this year! Freaking kindergarten!

So much to say. For so long, no real desire to say it.

I would like to break up this drought a bit. I don't think I'll ever quite return to the flood of words I had when I first started--when I was a new mother in a strange city in need of an outlet for her overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Still, I miss writing here. Writing--either here, or in other personal outlets--might well be necessary for my mental health.

So I'm back. Kinda. I think.

For now.

(If only for the one-off observation on weather and books that I'm reading. I am simultaneously trying to read both the second book of the Gormenghast trilogy and Hillary Mantel's Wolf Hall).